31 December 2007

Home-and-home part 2: Thrash @ B's

I just bet a million (facebook) dollars on the Thrashers today, so there you go. There's my game day preview. Boston gunning for it's franchise 18,000th goal or whatever, game's in TDNorth, which frequently sees its fans dressed as seats and the Thrash are on some kind of streak/vendetta/mission. Man, I would totally love to see Tuuka Raask today in net, but I'm pretty sure he got sent to Providence when they brought Auld over from.... wherever he was playing before. I LOVE the battle of the Finnish tendies!

I will say there's an unknown of the B's wanting retribution for getting their asses handed to them Saturday night, and were it any other team, I'd say they fear getting embarrassed in front of their home crowd, but I think their home crowd is less than 5,000 people on any given day so, maybe not so much a factor. Guess we'll see, eh? I'm listening at work. You should join me!

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