31 December 2007

Quasi-live blogging, ATL @ BOS

Blogging begins early in the 2nd
Here's a small tip, boys. A two goal lead is the hardest lead in hockey to hold on to. Remember that for next time, k? Wideman puts up the team's 18,000th franchise goal, on a goalie with no stick..... Moving on.

Wideman and Axelsson score within :34 of one another early in the 2nd, and that's just a load of crap. Ain't no reason the Thrash couldn't have kept this team locked down at 0, and Dan Kamal, you ask it just right, where the HELL are the Thrashers from the 1st period? I'm wasting perfectly good iPaco listening time by listening to this steaming crap? They better get it back cause this is really not how I want to spend my day at work. It's bad enough they're making me actually go *gasp* work. Hook me up with some good hockey! For a THRASHER fan, not a Bruin fan. Just in case I need to specify.

Oh wow, and it keeps getting worse! The only sauce of awesomeness in this game is that both Stuart brothers scored today. Mom and Dad must be so proud.

I can't lie. Nothing else in the 2nd has caught my attention except uh, I think the Thrashers had a power play that they did dickall with. Although, I do like the fact that Perrsy's making a 1-on-3 rush, cause that's the kind of guy our Eric Perrin strives to be. CAN SOMEONE SCORE A GOAL PLEASE? CAN WE END THE PERIOD WITH A TIE???

OK, when I said tie? I meant like, tied score. Not a neck tie or cravat. Was my English unclear? Perhaps, we do run a very international and multi-lingual team. So... 20 to go. I know the Thrash can win this game. Easily. I guess it will indeed come down to, do they want to lose less than the Bruins do? Guess we'll see.

Side note: Dying for some ribs from Shane's. Someone hook a sista up?? Anyone? How far from the ATL can I get some delivery?!

Also? I'm so pissed USA won over Finland at WJC. I know I'm a yank, and I was born here, and I love my country, I support my troops, I have family and friends and lover over in Iraq, but you know what? Screw USA Hockey. One of the crappiest organisations I've ever run across in my life, and y'all KNOW I love me some Finnish hockey.

Moving onto the 3rd
All right! We start the period on the PK... for a call on TOBI?! What. The. Hell. Did the team start drinking early? Oh what a shocker. Phil Kessel put it thru the 5-hole on a rebound. Is Kari drinking? If not, maybe he needs to be. Awesome, 4 unaswered goals. That's good stuff guys. Way to end the year! Oh, oh! Kari caught the puck! Bronx Cheer!! "Hard to fault Kari for that 4th goal, Kess was given way too much room." Um. Yet, pretty easy to fault him for the first 3, no? Also, I don't have the play by play/box score open, but I would bet cold hard cash one or both of the Wonder Twins were on for each goal.

Ooh, we have another penalty to kill. This game is so full of win, I don't know what to do with myself. I hope you're fluent in sarcasm, because this post is positively dripping with it. Shocking, Lashoff scored on the PP. So that's, what? 5 unaswered goals by the B's? Rock on.

Yeah, I totally didn't pay a bit of attention to the rest of the game, except the part where THE THRASHERS LOST.

Happy new year, dear readers. I hope you have a much better night than the Thrash seem to want us to have, and here's to a great 2008!

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