27 December 2007

Well that sucked: CBJ 2 - ATL 0

2 - 0

Over at Neutral Zone Trap they have some photos from last night. I'm guessing it's a BJs blog. Honestly, I don't even know what to say about last night. I'm disappointed that neither Tubby Nash nor Backup Norrena played last night, and had I known they'd be scratched, perhaps I could've properly adjusted my prediction. Nonetheless, this was not a game we should have lost. I'm not even gonna go find photos from this one. Dude, I lost 500k, frownie!

Game day preview coming soon. And! And! We're playing the Kittens tonight! Yay, time to make fun of Greg "My daddy owns you" Campbell, Steve "Scam Artist" Weiss and Steve "I take being a healthy scratch to new professional heights" Montador! Rock on.

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