26 December 2007

Stuff for a slow work-day-after-holiday

Are you stuck at work with oh, nothing to do? Yeah. Same here. But the gorgeous and charming Sandi sent me some photos of Kari during the Habs game the other week, and they're pretty awesome, so I'll share with you! Cause I'm sweet like that. Mostly. We're not sure who took them, though! DId you take them? Tell me, I will TOTALLY credit your mad-skill-having self! Also, can you send me more? Hi, I'm shameless.

Does anyone else look at this and laugh their ass off?

K felt bad about denying old friend and teammate, Saku "Voici mon equipe, bitches" Koivu in the shootout, so he gave him snuggles.

Lehtonen Let None In. Hah!

I can be a smartass and make up a funny caption for the above two, but it looks like he's checking the integrity of the cage to make sure it can take another puck. If the cage has any wiggle after the screws are tightened, it's time to switch to the other mask.

Also, I effin' LOVE this pic of X!

Hey look! Army's picked up the ol' Straka disease! Does anyone even remember that?!
Odd injury

The Penguins have had a few unusual injuries this season -- the severe high ankle sprain Fleury got when he fell for no apparent reason in Calgary, for example -- but right winger Colby Armstrong nearly reset the bar for those a week or so ago, when he lost a one-on-one with his Christmas tree.

"I was setting it up, and it was a little crooked, so I reached in to just give the thing a little shake in the stand," he said. "I gave it a shake, and one of the branches flickered and hit my [right] eye."

The eye began to water, and would not stop. Neither would the pain.

"All night long, while I was laying in bed, my eye was just killing me," he said. "I tried contact solution, everything."

Eventually, Armstrong found some drops that eased the pain, and he was left with a good story instead of a debilitating injury.

"It's good to go now," he said. "Close call."

From the front page of today's Globe and Mail:


A laughingstock in a Leafs sweater


KANDAHAR, AFGHANISTAN -- Pity poor Major Eric Cottenoir of the Vandoos.

A brand new hockey sweater arrived in the mail for him yesterday. But when he put it on at the hockey rink, all his friends laughed at him.

Instead of sending him the red, white and blue of the Montreal Canadiens, a big Canadian clothing chain had instead mailed the blue and white sweater of the hated Toronto Maple Leafs.

All the other players favoured les Canadiens. Nobody wanted to wear the Toronto sweater. Major Cottenoir was booed by his fellow hockey players the moment he put it on.

It was supposed to have been a Christmas photo opportunity on the Kandahar Air Field's hockey rink. Instead, it played out like a modern-day version of Roch Carrier's celebrated story The Hockey Sweater - in Afghanistan.

The tale tells of the ostracism faced by a young boy in rural Quebec in 1946, who is forced to wear a Leafs jersey to the rink because Eaton's, the big English-Canadian department store of the day, sends him the wrong sweater from its famous catalogue. While all his French-Canadian playmates are decked out as wannabe Maurice Richards, the protagonist emerges as a hated symbol of the English elite.

If you are into goalies, and a maths kind of person (me, not at all. I'm an artyfarty type.), you will totally dig on this. I almost understand it too, so it must make some kind of sense. How is it I can figure Vegas lines and odds, but show me a chart and some numbers and my eyes glaze over? Must be cause money's involved in Vegas.

Less than a week to go! Sadly, I will not be going, as we're deadlined like crazy on the 2nd, and, you know, priorities (DAMN THEM!) but hopefully some of y'all're going, and will have a good time for all of us watching on TV (you know, where it's warm, and the beer is free. Heh heh heh.)!

Anyway, I think that's all I've got for now.

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