31 January 2008

Funniest rumour ever, and photos!

First off, this found its way to my inbox this morning, and let me tell you the HILARITY coursing through my veins that someone would even raise this as a possibility. Clearly it's someone who has absolutely no ties whatsoever to this team, community, or management. I hope.

Another suggestion is shipping [Ray] Emery and perhaps another player or a prospect to Atlanta for forward — and former Senator — Marian Hossa and either Kari Lehtonen or Johan Hedberg.

The problem with this is the Thrashers might not wish to move Lehtonen or Hedberg and would probably seek a better return for Hossa than a package with a problem child like Emery as the centerpiece, who at this point isn't much of an upgrade over Lehtonen or Hedberg.

First off... Emery isn't an upgrade at all. From either tendy, in terms of performance, in terms of what he brings to the team, in terms of how hard a worker he is. He's got nothing on either of our boys, and it would be absolutely ridiculous to think he's close to even Heddy in worth. And for Hoss? They'd have to send Anton Volchenkov and Antoine Vermette over too, to even entertain this as a serious offer. He is the new Jose Theodore - he had one amazing playoff run after his starter got hurt, and he'll spend the rest of his life trying to live up to that moment of glory, and fail miserably. Further, I know Ray. I have friends who know Ray. And we all agree on one thing: It's all a front. No skill, no talent, no personality, no heart. And that is the absolute last damned thing we need on this team. Locker room cancer, no thank you.

Last night's photos:

Exhibit 1(a): 1st goal of the game.
Exhibit 1(b): First goal of the game.

Awww, Jimmy Slats so happy! SCORE MORE, BABY!

No goal for you, Evgeni Malkin!
(Does Kari even know the puck is there?)

Why Ruutu better watch his back.

Being escorted off the ice, possibly so he is not killed en route.

Speaking of..... Ass. Hoooooole.

Ruutu defended the hit as an intended routine check.

"I meant to finish my check," Ruutu said. "He ducked away and I barely hit him. I didn't change direction. I just went for a hit." (Right! It was just your knee slamming into his knee, with little other contact.)

"I got five minutes for fighting and I didn't even throw a punch. I had my gloves on the whole time." (Cry me a fucking river)

McCarthy said Ruutu was "a good teammate" when the two played together in Vancouver, but he said Ruutu had to answer for the hit on Kovalchuk's knee.

"When he takes a liberty like that, it's unacceptable," McCarthy said. "He plays his game well, but when he takes advantage of one of our best players, that's unacceptable."

When asked if he was concerned about a possible suspension, Ruutu said "There's no reason to be suspended for that hit."

Except that, you know, you purposely went knee-on-knee on Kovy after trying to take out Perrsy and failing. I mean, I wasn't even watching, and I get it. That "who me, I'm innocent" crap may fly with Therrien, or even Shero, but probably not with the rest of league, and hopefully not with Colin Campbell and the rest of the honchos in TO.

What do you guys think?

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