30 January 2008

The best game I'm not seeing

4 - 1

Dear dishNetwork, I absolutely hate you. I have my pick of three feeds of the game tonight - TSN, FSN and SS, and all three channels are telling me satellite signal has been lost. Yet I can watch pretty much every other Centre Ice channel. Drop dead, dish. Until the next Thrash game, because then I will love you again. Once again going old school by listening live. And before you get cute and tell me there's a free Center Ice preview online, I live in the sticks. Dial up is our only option out here, and frankly, I'm surprised I can actually listen to the game without the constant "buffering" interruption. You think I'm gonna try to get a video feed? I may be crazy, but I ain't that crazy.

Where to start with this one?? Holik scored. Ruutu tried to take out Perrsy. Kovy scored. Ruutu did take out Kovy, and having seen it over and over again on Versus (because dish will let me watch Versus........), that was a deliberate knee-on-knee. Did he even touch Kovy otherwise?! And god love him, Mac took out Ruutu, and himself, with match penalties for them both. Was there a fight? Couldn't tell you since, you know, I can't actually see the game. And as much as I love the Finns, I hate Jarkko Ruutu, so I was doing the dance of glee that he was ejected, while hoping Mac ripped the guy's head off for knee-on-knee'ing Kovy. Paskapää. You know, I really can't wait for the day that this guy gets what's coming to him, and I swear to God I hope Exelby is the one to give it to him. If there was ever a (current) player in the NHL who deserved to be put through the boards (besides Bertuzzi), it's this jackass. If you're gonna aspire to be a scummier version of Darcy Tucker, karma's gonna come gunning for you.

But I digress, because wait, there's more! Then some punk kid I'd never heard of kicked the puck in on Lehts for what he hoped was his first NHL goal, but we're onto you, wiseass. No goal for you! And I take full responsibility for ..... well, for Ryan Whitney just scoring, because I said "there goes Kari's shutout" to a friend when we thought Smith scored. IT WAS MY FAULT, OK? I'M SORRY. Olen pahoillani, Kärppä! But I couldn't see! I am relying on someone else's eyes and words! Sigh. But wait, there's STILL more! Perrin scored with what sounded like a beauty of a lollipop shot right over Conks' shoulder, and then! Then! Three minutes later, Slats scored!! I know right?? Jimmy Slats with his first in almost a year! And seriously what the hell is up with that? Slats was regularly pushing 50 points at MSU, he was captain junior year. Senior year, he was a Hobey Baker nominee for best college player. He wasn't a top 3 finalist, but still! He played on the top line, LOTS of minutes. PK, PP, he did it all. One of MSU's greatest*. And he gets to the NHL and .... well his last goal before tonight was 2.3.07. Sooooo... But we love you, Slats! Put more up! Although, you know, now that I think about it, Eric Perrin was also one of UVM's greatest (go Cats go!). I guess that college-to-pros transition ain't that easy. I'm digressing.

Slats' goal chased Conks from the net, and as a long-time fan of Conks, it sucks, but as a Thrash fan, haha, woo!! Although at this point, how much good is Sabu gonna do for the Pens? Control the bleeding?

OK then - 6 seconds left, and I've seen some amazing things in hockey, but I ain't never seen anyone put up 3 in 6. We win! The boys stepped up and played! I am so proud of them! Now keep it up, we've got 7 back-to-backs remaining in the season starting with the Buffaloes on Friday, and then the Caps Saturday. Ladies and gentlemen, we are now back in 2nd place in the SE, 2 points behind the Canes. Let's do this thing.

Your three stars, as chosen by the Atlanta media:
1. Kari Lehtonen
2. Bobby Holik
3. Steve McCarthy <-- Atlanta media, I love you and your twisted sense of justice.

Photos tomorrow. And hopefully the news that Kovy is A-OK. Cross your fingers.

As for Ruutu, there better be a suspension coming. Ota pikkuhousut pois ja pyllistä, lutka. Vitun perseenreikä.

*Thanks to Just Another Fan over at Boys of Winter for the dish on Slats!

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