20 January 2008

Game Day Preview - This one'll be GOOD!

This is another one of those ones that'll be interesting for me. I loved the Oil with an undying passion for a very long time. My sweetie (Tater) was drafted by them and plays in their system. However, when they traded away first Ryan Smyth, then Jason Smith (arguably my current favourite NHL player), my faith in the organisation shattered, my love for them crumbled, and if it weren't for the Tater Tot, I wouldn't give 2 shits less about the Oilers anymore. Mostly I don't anyway, only for his sake. I told him this should be interesting for all the shit talking this game will bring about. So let it commence!

The Oilers activated Matt Greene off IR the other day, but whether he'll be in the lineup, I've no idea (ETA: Tater says Greene's been assigned to reconditioning, so he will not be playing in Blueland tonight). Um. Ales Hemsky and Shawn Horcoff are both going to the All-Star game (Horc? Really? Is he the new Rory Fitzpatrick or is he doing that well?). And the best punchline of all, the Oil lost to the Caps in a demoralizing 12 round shootout the other night. Think Rolly the Goalie will get the start? Or will it be Garon?

Given the state of the last game in Buffalo (and that'll be the last time I think I ever refer to that clusterfuck on ice), I think in all this game'll be tough, it'll be chippy, there's gonna be a lot of hitting, it'll move fast, and either there's gonna be a crapload of penalties by both teams, or hardly any at all. I'm hoping for the latter. I hope Waddell starts Lehtonen today. That Detroit game proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt, how great this kid is, despite what happened in Buffalo. Yes I'm saying I told you so. You got a problem with that? Goooood. Thought not.

When I asked the tater for his opinion on the game, this was his press-ready reply (god I love when he thinks I'm actually a member of the press):
"Should be an exciting game. If the Oilers can slow down Kovalchuk's speed, and take away his options they will have a better chance of winning."
I'll say, Thrash in OT/shootout. Tater says 3-2 Oil. Let the games begin!

Small note: dishNetwork is not listing the game as being broadcast on their guide, although the main Centre Ice channel is listing it as being shown. In approximately 6 minutes, there will either be a WHOLE lot of cussing coming from my general part of the world, or, well, I will be sending dish a strongly worded letter on how to program their damned guides better. That is all.

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