22 January 2008

If the NHL was a high school

Pretty funny stuff from Hockey Drunk: If the NHL was a high school. Example: Atlanta would be the slutty cheerleader everyone scores on. Frownie! Not true!

I'm not writing about the Edmonton game cause I didn't see it. Fuck you, dishNetwork.

I might write a pre-game about the Rags, but enh. Just stop asking Kari if he's nervous about playing in the Garden, okay? We're playing the Rags, we're in a losing skid that's in danger of spinning out of control, but the Rangers are 2-6-2 in their last 10 and last in the Atlantic Division. Now would be the time for the Thrash to step up and play like they did in December and early January. Remember boys - over .500 by the All-Star break and for the sweet bleeding love of Jesus don't let the Panthers get ahead of us in the standings. Wait, now I have to check the standings.

Carolina Hurricanes 51 24 23
4 52 155 164
Washington Capitals 48 22 21
5 49 143 152
Atlanta Thrashers 50 23 24
3 49 140 169
Florida Panthers 49 21 24
4 46 122 140
Tampa Bay Lightning 48 19 24
5 43 137 157

Um. We're #3? The Caps jumped us last night? Wow, that's.... wow. I'm going to go lay down and cry now. What the hell, Thrashers. You let the CAPS get ahead of you in the standings? THE FREAKIN' CAPS?! What next? THE PANTHERS?! Argh.

I'm glad I never ordered those #1 foam fingers in Thrash colours. Sob.

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