17 January 2008

Game day Preview

Adjourd'hui, nous jousons a les habitants. I mean, we play the Habs. Hm. What to say, what to say. Carey Price was waived down to the Bulldogs, which leaves... um... Do they still have Yann Danis? I have no idea who's on the Habs except my darling Sergei. So um. Yeah I should go research this, huh?

Oh, while I do that - I won 6.86 million facebook dollahs on that Detroit game, 6.86 odds, ahahahahahahaha! Take THAT Detroit!

Ahaha, I love this, from the NHL.com preview: A season that had the potential to be over very quickly for the Atlanta Thrashers now holds the possibility of a second straight division title. I know tha's right! Represent! Heh. Moving on.

Oh, right. Oo-eh is their goalie. Hm. Well, this'd be our third time in a row beating them and if there's anything this team seems to like it's streaks. Coming off the high of beating the snot out of the Wings in "Hockeytown" I would dare say the Thrash are near-unstoppable right now, especially by the Habs (tebya lyublyu, Serzhya!). However, the Canadiens are ranked 1st in the NHL on the power play, so the team will have to be extra careful to stay out of the box.

Thrash by 2.

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