17 January 2008

Thrash lose, but look, pretty Kari photos!


Since we got a half foot of snow today...

This my 'hood.

...our satellite is not working and I'm listening to the game online (wooo vintage!). My favourite moment of the game thusfar, aside from our two goals, is when Odgers said, "The Thrashers just can not figure out Sergei Kostitsyn!" Boobs and tequila, boys. That's how you figure him out. Moving on.

My babygirl Sandi sends me photos of Kari from time to time, from practice. I have NO idea who took them - if you did, please tell me and I will give you credit and a link and everything. These three came today:

I sit on the dasher, and I feel cool.


Kozzie: I think is Looney! Kari: What is Looney?

So now we're in OT. Which means we've got a point. And Carolina's down 4-1 to the Sens with 16-something left in the third. Which means nothing cause in this game, it ain't over 'til it's over. But we're still #1! We're still #1! We need big foam fingers to wave! Is it just me or is listening on the radio hella exciting? I'm all het up! And I love that Perrin's the go-to guy in the OT. Probably doesn't hurt that he's a go-to face-off guy either.

Aaaaaand, into the shootout we go. Shall I live-blog it? I shall!

S Kozlov: Missed 0-0-0
A Kostitsyn: Scored 1-0-0
M Hossa: Missed 0-0-0
S Koivu: Scored 1-1-0 Habs win.

OK I can't see it, but apparently Kari made the save, then slid back into the net with the puck? Oh, Kari. Frownie. Well we got one point. That's better than none.

The only photo I've found from tonight that I really like:

I believe I can fly.......

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