24 January 2008

Game Day Preview: We believe. Do they?

In my infinite wisdom, I put down 5 million on this game. Against my better judgment. If the Thrash lose, that's all my betting money down the toilet. Which, of course, no one but me cares about. But that should say something. I believe in this team enough to put everything I've got on the line in their favour. Do they believe in themselves as much as I do? Has the whole "Believe in Blueland" hype become rote to them? Become the picture in the frame they no longer see? Become that word that, said over and over again, has become meaningless?

The four guys on this team that I have absolute faith in, as of this moment in time, are Kari, Moose, Perrsy and Tobi. The rest? I have faith, but it's not blind faith. I know, without question, that those 4 guys will show up every single night, and do their best, and work their asses off for this team. Sometimes Kari and Moose will get dejected and lose focus, but mostly, they're on point.

There needs to be some accountability on this team, and there hasn't been.

(OK, PAUSE! I ned to be a 12 year old for a second. I was on nhl.com to check standings and stuff, and this headline just LEAPT off the page at me: Wang gets joy from giving Did I mention I'm mentally 12? MOVING ON)

Carolina Hurricanes 52 24 24
4 52 158 170
Washington Capitals 49 22 22
5 49 145 155
Atlanta Thrashers 51 23 25
3 49 140 173
Florida Panthers 50 22 24
4 48 127 143
Tampa Bay Lightning 49 20 24
5 45 141 160

Are you kidding me? Seriously, are you effin' kidding me? The Panthers - THE PANTHERS, PEOPLE - are one point behind us with a game in hand. We need to win this game tonight, period. No ifs, no ands, no buts. We need to vault back into 2nd, pray we can shoot for and hold onto first to win the division, and never discuss how close the Panthers came to surpassing us again. We won't hit .500 by the break, but 1 below is close enough.

Get it done, boys. Get back your dignity and pride, stand up and be accountable, and be the damned team we all know you're capable of. Believe in yourselves. If you don't, why should we?

FWH's favourite defenceman-who's-been-shafted, Steve Eminger, is one game shy of the big 200 mark. Congrats, Emmy... we hope you won't have to wait too long for it.


Mortimer Peacock said...

I have to agree that Moose shows up and tries his best every time. He's probably my sentimental favorite of all the players.

Maal said...

I think mine too. I'm pretty sure he'll go at the deadline, and I'll be heartbroken for a little while.

Also I LOVE your blogger name!

Big T said...

I hadn't thought about Moose leaving at the deadline (my heart won't let me compute that). If the tailspin continues, Hoss, Holik, Moose, all could be gone at the deadline. Am I missing anyone?

Maal said...

I HOPE you're missing McCartney, Zhitnik, and Havelid. I'd trade all our defencemen but Tobi, Kenny and Ex, plus Holik and possibly Hoss, for Chris Pronger or Jason Smith. I think those four D-men could hold down the fort.

Big T said...

I was thinking of players that other teams would actually want :)

I think Jason Smith is a UFA next year... but didn't they name him Captain? What a GREAT fit he would be for us!!

Maal said...

OK OK. Throw in a bag of pucks and some BBQ, sheesh you drive a hard bargain.

Yah, well, so did the Oilers. Which is why they are DEAD TO ME! DEAD I SAY! Except, you know, when my man's playing. Heh.

Big T said...

Yeah, I was shocked when the Oil traded him. They don't make D-men like him anymore. Great playoff beard... which is the true sign of a good player :) He is exactly what we have been missing for so many years.

Maal said...

Honest to god, he's my favourite current NHL player. HATE the Flyers, but LOVE HIM. My heart broke when he went to the Flyers. THE STINKIN FLYERS DAMN IT. Dude, I'd trade most of the Thrash for him to be honest. Keep like... Kari. Tobi. Kovy. Moose. Um. Perrin. Yah, that's it. Send the rest packing and gimme Gator. Good leader, solid player, awesome beard, grizzled and veteran. We don't have anyone grizzled. We need more grizzle. And possibly someone who can put the fear of God into the players, which Gator is a master of.