24 January 2008

When did Hartley come back to town???

So Moose is starting tonight? Wow, I thought we fired Hartley. I don't think I'm even gonna bother watching this clusterfuck. I'm definitely canceling my bet on it though.

Man, if anyone in the world can teach a course on "How to Fuck Up the Best Up and Coming Goalie in the World," it's the management on the Atlanta Thrashers. Thumbs up guys. Up your asses, that is.

Mitä vittu? Naida heidät, Kärppä. Olen pahoillani. Rakastan sinua!


nebcanuck said...

Has he been starting lots?

Maal said...

Kari or Moose? Irrelevant, really. This was Kari's 2nd game in the return to the Garden after that debacle we call the playoffs, and the team hung him out to dry 4-0 night before last. No chance at retribution or vindication for our fragile goalie for a while.

nebcanuck said...

Aaah. Now I understand better what you mean. I thought that it was simply Kari not playing enough.

They seem to have little confidence against the Rangers. That'll need to change if they're to go deep anytime soon!