30 January 2008

Game Day Preview

Before I get into the game day, I have to point something absurd out. This is a humiliating stat for our game:

New York — Ratings for the NHL All-Star game increased from last year.

Sunday's game which was played in Atlanta's Philips Arena and aired on Versus drew a .8 rating, up 14 percent from the .7 last season.

The game drew 796,717 viewers.

The Ice Bowl put up a 2.6 rating, with a 5 share, meaning 5% of the people watching TV at that time were watching the game. Five percent. That's enormous. They don't even list the share for the All-Star game. It's starting to look like not even NHL fans care about the ASG anymore. Moving on.

In the magical world I live in, where the sky is pink, and we eat ice cream cones with kitties and puppies while riding unicorns over rainbows, the Thrash haven't had a game since 15th January, when they completely dominated the best team in the NHL. Since that game, they've been out played, embarrassed, and schooled. They've left Kari out to dry and gotten him benched, "just in case they don't show up again." To add insult to injury, Kovy didn't do much of anything in the All-Star game, except get stoned spectacularly by Nabby. Hoss quietly put up a goal few people have talked about in the shadow of Savvy's GWG.

Despite Bing being out with a high ankle sprain, the Pens have held on and gone 2-1-1 since he added the prestigious "IR" after his name. They've also put up 14 goals in that span, after only putting up 13 in the previous 4 with Bing playing.

Soooo... basically we're fucked. Unless, you know, the Thrashers decide they actually want to play hockey, which hasn't really seemed to be high on their list of priorities in the past 5 games. I'll be honest, I'm not holding my breath. But I'd love to be proven wrong. Who knows, maybe Lehts did punch all his teammates in the balls and get his point across. One can hope.

Carolina Hurricanes 53 25 24
4 54 161 171
Washington Capitals 51 23 23
5 51 147 160
Atlanta Thrashers 52 23 25
4 50 141 175
Florida Panthers 51 22 24
5 49 130 147
Tampa Bay Lightning 51 20 26
5 45 147 172


Hockey Wench said...

Lehtonen is in the goal tonight!

Maal said...

I just heard! And boy am I psyched!! Make it 7!