15 January 2008

It's the Hoss show! Thrash beat Detroit!


For some reason, dishNetwork hates me, and is telling me it's lost the satellite for the ATL feed of the game, so I'm stuck watching the DET feed. Which is actually kind of funny at this point. Perrsy just scored goal #4 and man, they're almost starting to talk shit about their own team.

Here was my highlight of the Detroit feed. Holik was their 2nd intermission interview, and the guy starts off about how Bobby has been in the league 17 years, just played his 1,200th game, etc, what are his thoughts? Bobby deadpans, "We're playing the Red Wings, they are capable of coming back from 4-0 deficit. I can not think about those things now, I have to only think about winning this game."

Kari's puck handling is beyond awesome at this point, for him at least. I have a hope that there will come a point that Detroit will pull Hasek (who replaced Osgood after Perrsy's goal) and Kari can make the shot at his first goal.

Perrin's goal has to be my favourite. Who lays on their back and celebrates? Perrsy, that's who.

I'm bummed Kari lost the shutty, and didn't get to try for a goal, but turning away 47 shots and beating the best team in hockey is nothing to be ashamed of. Well done, Thrash!

Not a lot of photos up yet, look for more tomorrow!

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