14 January 2008

Guess who's starting in net tomorrow night?

Since you're reading this here, you probably guessed "Kari." And then you probably said, really? But no, seriously! How awesome is that! His first career start against the Red Wings. Go KL go! I'm super psyched to see this match up, I have to remember to tape it.

In other news, apparently the goalies have been working on screening one another at practice lately. Not being a goalie coach, I can't really tell you why, but um. Here.

Thanks to tackkjr for these videos, btw!

In this next one, which isn't nearly as funny, Moose is screening Kari.

And while we're on they subject of Moose.... Rex Jr takes some potshots on our favourite backup:

S'all I really got today. Game day preview tomorrow. That should be a blast to research.... [sarcasm]

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