10 January 2008

[RUMOR] Ovechkin and Kolzig on the block | Eminger Watch '08

I live in the DC area, and any hockey talk around town is about the Caps, the FBI, CIA or Secret Service hockey teams. I'm digressing, back to the Caps... the Caps community is pretty close-knit, around here and most of the retired Caps decide to stay around town (unless they're Randy Carlyle or Ron Wilson, and then they go to the West Coast and do things like winning Stanley Cups, or at least trying), coach pee-wee, run charter fishing, whatever.

Well one of the former Caps, to save my LIFE I can not remember his name right now because there was a lot of other talk at the time, (but he played with Langway, and was a smaller-name player - Todd Krygier maybe?) is coaching pee-wee. Well, talks during a pee-wee practice session led to talks of trades, and he claims that both Ovechkin and Kolzig are going to be involved in a huge trade with an unnamed team[s], due to their salary requirements for next season. It seems Olie wants $9-10mUS (what's that, like $1m Canadian?! haha, I've been dying to make that joke!), and Sasha is looking for the max raise under the CBA. Were that to come to fruition, the team would have little money to play with to bring in new players.

Let me be the first to say that if Ovechkin left DC, not only would the 9 Caps fans in the area revolt, rise up as one, and slay GMGM, but Sasha Semin would also want out. Viktor Kozlov is not enough reason for him to want to stay in the area, and despite the Caps' +.500 play since Boudreau took over as head coach, last I knew, Semin didn't want to play here - Ovechkin is his main tie to the city.

So are you thinking what I'm thinking? Ovechkin to Atlanta? Waddell has said publicly that we have a huuuuuge chunk of our cap left, which is why he's hoping other teams will make offers to Kari so he can just counter. OMG it's like a Thrashers fan's wet dream, Kovy and Ovie. Guh!

And hey, while we're on the subject of the Caps, STEVE EMINGER PLAYED AGAIN LAST NIGHT!!!!! No, I'm serious! He DID! 10:00+! And he had 4 hits! It's like... it's like... he's trying to prove something. Whether to GMGM or to other GMs is unknown, but I still stand by my Steve-for-Steve trade. Waddell, are you listening? Do it, brother!

Look! See! There he is! He was even +1 for Steck's goal! Hi Emmy!!

OK. Game day preview up later, I promise! Oooh and we're playing the Panthers! C'mon, say the motto with me! Panthers "hockey" LOL!


Lisa said...

RDS is saying Ovie signed this morning, 6 years, 54 million. TSN says they're still negotiating.

Maal said...

Yeah, just heard. I updated my game day preview to include!

Dude, 9m a year. Can I be Sasha???