22 January 2008

What the @#$% was that?


Semi-live blogging, starting in the 2nd....

For one, I'm completely disappointed to see the same god damned team in this game that we saw last time the Thrash played in the Garden. Seriously, only 4 shots in the first, all coming in the last three minutes? That's fucking pathetic, and this team should be ashamed of themselves. If they continue to hang Kari out to dry (again), they should all be rewarded with a damned bag skate. Or go the route of the Oilers and have a trash can skate (skate til you puke). This is embarrassing, and I feel for Kari. For the sweet love of Christ, can we please get some quality defencemen in here and send the dead weight packing??

For two, if Kovalchuk is suspended, and gets enough games, will he be kept out of the All-Star game? I'm not even sure what to say about Kovy's match penalty. I mean, I'm kind of surprised he got that frustrated. He's Kovy. This is what, his 5th year? He should be used to frustration at this point and know how to keep it under control.

Hey awesome, we got our 2nd power play. Another chance for the Rags to put up their 2nd shorthander.

Can I just say, I absolutely hate the lighting in the Garden. You'd think they could cough up the cash for some better lighting, or cans closer to the ice to brighten it up, but whatever I guess. I'm sure it's easier to see the puck for the players but it looks like ass on TV.

We're being outshot 26-9 with 5:04 left in the 2nd. Have I used the word "pathetic" yet?

Oh look, Rex accidentally took out Larsen in his first game back. This is just a snowball rolling downhill now. We'll be lucky to get out of this one with no one dead.

Wow, the third is off to an awesome start with Puffnuts scoring 4 minutes in. Is anyone but Kari actually playing? Kari's actually playing amazingly, but, you know, with no defencemen on the ice, and no backchecking or forechecking.... And so continues the curse of the Garden.

Hey do you know why the Thrash can't use the internet? Cause they can't string together 3 W's. Or two, really, at this point. How bad are the Thrashers playing right now? So bad Dellacamera and Elliot are talking about their mullets. I'd turn it off but I want to see if the Thrash score. I'm losing 8 million on this game. Not that it matters, I'd rather the team get the 2 points than I get the 24 million the odds would win me, but Jesus Harold Christ.

Wow, I was just distracted by a friend telling me Heath Ledger was found dead in his NYC apartment at 1535 today. RIP, Heath. And I missed pretty much nothing while scoping the story on TMZ.com.

Hey, how awesome is this stat? SOG: NYR 39, ATL 14. 7 more from the Rags and Kari will tie his personal high! I'd just like this game to end. Someone stop the bleeding.

Oh good, it's over. I hope Kari personally punches every guy on this team in the balls in the locker room. Except Brad Larsen. Was Hossa even playing??

So whaddya say? Let's do this again Thursday. Except, you know, with the whole team actually contributing, and not just Kari.


The Falconer said...

What an awful game to live blog eh?At least I fast forwarded through the 3rd period.

Maal said...

I'm quite jealous of your fast forwarding abilities.