28 February 2008

Army and Crusher update from Ben

For some damned reason the Thrash didn't get home til 5am yesterday morning, so Army and Crusher were the only 2 on the ice in Duluth to try and get in a work out. I am going to refrain from addressing the lack of practice we so clearly need. However, Ben was kind enough to post some stuff about it so I'll let him take over from here. Pretty much his entire post, reposted. Original post to be found here.

After speaking to the media (look for them on the evening news tonight, including 11Alive) Armstrong and Christensen met a few of their teammates who were trickling in for off-ice workouts (despite the cancelled practice some guys have trouble staying away from the week). The new guys were excited to learn that their old teammate Joel Kwiatkowski was still around, and they already knew Chris Thorburn and Mark Recchi. Armstrong also knows Mark Popovic somehow, but I'll have to look in to the connection there (probably a Team Canada tie). After chatting with some of the players about game day habits, team dress codes, tickets, and other things that are good to know as an incoming player Armstrong and Christensen left with Mark Recchi who is quickly taking them under his wing. Armstrong and Christensen were both drafted by the Penguins and neither one was expecting to get dealt. They're leaving a lot of friends behind in Pittsburgh and having someone they know like Mark Recchi in the locker room is going to make the transition a whole lot easier for them. Not only do they know him well from Pittsburgh, but he has been traded enough times that he can give them some advice on how to deal with it.

Later in the afternoon Don Waddell addressed the media and took questions about the trade (more on that in an article going up later tonight). Waddell wasn't able to say exactly where Armstrong and Christensen will fit in the lineup, but expect the lines to have a different look. Here's what he did share:

  • Colby Armstrong will play on the right wing on a yet-to-be determined line (my guess would be the third line in the spot cleared by Stuart being sent to Chicago today)
  • Christensen can play any forward position but is a natural center. He'll be playing on the second line tomorrow night with undetermined linemates.

Finally (for now), if you were curious about what numbers the new players will be wearing Christensen will wear 9 and Armstrong is going with 19. Both players will play [tonight].

IR player Steve Rucchin, who we have not seen all season but I thought was supposed to come back in January, is wearing 20, which is why Army doesn't have it. No one has 21, but I'm guessing Crusher decided to show solidarity and change his number since Army had to as well. Solid class move.

I can't put up a preview. I have no idea what to expect. No wait, scratch that. I expect we'll get our ass handed to us since we consistently play like ass against teams we're better than and have no respect for. I also have no idea what the Isles will be playing like. Here's to hoping we get a game similar to Buffalo's last night. And not one in which we're the Preds.

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Anonymous said...

I guess technically, Sterling has #21 whenever he is called up.