27 February 2008

[BUF] There's always something to be happy about...

8 - 4

Welcome to WNY, Bernie! 1st Star! Premiere etoile!

If you hadn't noticed the 29183742 Sabresblog links over there on the right, I love me some Buffaloes. And while yesterday was a sad day for this little Buffaloes fan, it is paying off in spades tonight. Bernier put up 2 in the 1st, Petey got his first of the season (I KNOW, RIGHT?!)!

Pommer doodled in the 2nd!

RJ's gonna have a freakin' heart attack in the broadcast booth any second now, and Harry Neale needs to learn his maths again because he called that Pommer's 13th, 14th, 18th and 29th goals. Well done, Harry! And it's always great when Roy-z scores!

Crunchy shut the door on Nichol's penalty shot!
The only lowlights of this game thusfar were Crunchy getting cut and leaking on the ice (and the goal that was scored because he was laying on the ice leaking) (and the complete lack of any images, moving or still, of him with the nose tampons), and T-Bo then going on to let in 2 goals on 3 shots. But Crunchy is back! Yay Crunchy!

All 4 goalies played tonight! 2 puck drops, 2 fights! Lydman with 4 points! Connelly goal! Mair, Petey and Bernier a goal, a point and a fight (respectively) away from the Gordie Howe hatty each! Kaleta irritating the crap out of everyone in white! A four-man fight! Goose trying to take out Nichol! HONK! 8-4 score with 3 minutes to go, the majority of it on the power play! Roy-z gets slashed by 2-2 and Bernier jumps him!

And then everyone is beating the crap out of everyone else, but only 2-2 got sent to the bin! I TURNED ON A FIGHT AND A HOCKEY GAME BROKE OUT!

Can I use any more exclamation points?! I effin' LOVE this team! And! Post game, Lindy said this game "was a dream come true." Am I hallucinating? Did I hallucinate this game?

And if you're wondering? Yeah, I love them even when they suck and Crunchy backstops as well as a fishing net stops water. Remember earlier when I said Reiger fucked the Sabres with that trade? .... I take it back.

Dear Atlanta Thrashers,
I hope you are watching, because this is how you play NHL-calibre hockey. Please take notes. Perhaps watch video. Do whatever you have to do, but pay attention. To the Sabres. Because usually you look like the Predators. Albeit with much better goalies.


Suzanne B said...

They can't take notes because they were at practi... oh wait. They didn't have practice yesterday. Which is a shame, they should have been skating laps until their legs fell off after that piss poor 3rd period. Nothing like watching your team give up!!!!!

So Buffalo should be my playoff team?

Maal said...

WHAT???? WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEY DID NOT HAVE PRACTICE?! I hope it is because Beast was running them through the streets of ATL while riding along in his car yelling at them.

Buffalo, Boston or Pittsburgh. Buffalo has a tendency to look like as crappy as the Thrash from time to time. Granted not as often. But Boston's pretty solid. They should be, with Savard. And the Pens are hella exciting to watch, with or without the Kid. It'll be weird watching Hoss in the new uni, but I think we got good payback.

Suzanne B said...

So I read on the "Blueland Blog" that practice got canceled because their flight didn't get in until like 5am. I say they could have just drove straight to the Ice Forum and started the day off by skating.. skating.. and SKATING SOME MORE.

Ugh, I don't like Pitt. At all. Because I don't like the Crosby hype. At all. I will, in a tiny part of my soul, be rooting for Hossa because he is 100% a class act. I love what he had to say about Atlanta and the fans... much better than the way Heatley went out.

I'm down with Buffalo, even though their "Let's Go Buff-a-lo" chant is pretty weak. I like Ryan Miller.. God, I'm such a goalie girl ;)