11 February 2008

Casino Night photos - UPDATED @ 1954

(Best Photo Ever by Holly Nole)

Proudly stolen from the Thrashers main site. Instead of doing a bunch of posts with photos from last night, I will just keep updating this one. I will also be grabbing photos off flickr, with credit, so if you had some you didn't tag, and wanted to direct me to them, please do!

Perrsy and Boults: Pretty fly for the whitest white guys evar.
Is Eric throwing down a gang sign on Boults' shoulder?
What IS the gang sign for "Laval?" I know UVM's is "puff puff give"...

Pretty Finn goalie looks vexed as Swedes laugh at Swedish joke.
Or he has spotted vodka and is planning his escape.

Why is Moose hiding behind Tobi? And why must Kari look so good
in everything he wears (except that pink shirt he wore to the All-Star game,
but that is another story)? Why does Havs look like he is wearing Daddy's clothes?

No one can bring it like Ex.

So, that's all I've got for now. I'll be scouring the interwebs to bring you more photos soon though!

The next group are from the gorgeous and talented Holly Nole - visit her flickr page for her AMAZING photos of the team!

Well, he probably has a career in theatre if this hockey thing falls thru.

Kari looks sooooo uncomfortable. And scruffy!
Can our goalie finally grow a beard?!

He looks like such a natural, am I right?

Moose no likey that card.

So whatcha go'n do, Moose?

Pascal on the verge of tossing some dice? Adorably evil.

Normally I don't post photos of fans, however, this will be an exception, because Holly is so beautiful and Kari is, well, Kari Blue Eyes!

Below photo courtesy, and including, photographer Mark Holland. He's got a tonne of photos over at his website, so go check them out!

Behold, lads and lassies, Kari giving you the very rare 1,000 watt grin,
and Kovy is making eyes with the photographer....

Were they hammered? Just wondering....

More from the Thrashers site! Yay!
Hi, I am Eric, I will be your dork tonight. I mean dealer. Dealer!

Oooh, sly Kari!

Whaddya wanna bet he owns that hat?
I... don't even have a witty remark for this. I'm speechless.

You just know he's workin' the ladies.

Soft hands on the ice, sly hands at the table.

I know Perrsy cleans up nice, but daaaaaamn.

Wrecking Ball rex the hall (haha, rex! I punny!)

Lehts and a lovely lady!

Jimmy Slats gets some pointers from the pros.

Keep 'em coming, folks!


Sandi said...

Aww Kari and Kovy are too adorable!

X can so dress it up!!

And yes I think Kari is starting to grow that beard now=)

Maal said...

Hi hunney!

They are! And Hoss and Moose!

X puts the ass back in class!

Aww, our boy is growing up!