15 February 2008

File under "WTF"?" Hanlon to coach Jokerit

Glen "Hugs" Hanlon, fired by the Caps on Thanksgiving, has taken the head coaching job with Jokerit (Yo-kREET), which many of you know is Kari's former Finnish team. This kind of baffles me, but kind of doesn't. Seeing how Doug Shedden signed in Switzerland today with Zug, perhaps they felt another North American coach was needed? Wait, does this mean Shed's not going to coach Suomi in WC?!

Shedden coached in various North American minor league teams before moving to Finland in 2005. He was first head coach of HIFK Helsinki before signing for local rival Jokerit and doubling as Team Finland head coach this season. Jokerit unavailingly tried to keep the Canadian but today his signature with Switzerland's EV Zug ended their hopes. He will replace Sean Simpson next season, who is rumoured to be in talks with the ZSC Lions.

Shedden's successor is no unknown. Glen Hanlon was working for the NHL team Washington Capitals for nine years, five of them as a head coach, before he was released last November. Hanlon was also head coach of Belarus at the 2005 and 2006 World Championship. After he had to step down because of his duties in Washington, he missed the 2007 Worlds and is back in the Belarusian coaching staff since one month. He signed a one-year contract with Jokerit Helsinki with the intention for a longer stay.
Weird all over.

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