14 February 2008

F@#k you, Shop.nhl.com!

First off... am I the only one who notices that the 32 shirt is GLARINGLY absent?

Secondly, why is there not one of these for the Thrash? Is the metro area's population just not Mick enough? What the fuck man?

Being a Mick myself, having a parental from Masshole, and loving Savvy and Lucic, I JUST MIGHT GET THAT TO SPITE SOMEONE! I am not sure who right now tough. But god damn it NHL! GET WITH THE PROGRAMME! Thrashers fans want cool shit too, damn it!

I fully blame Ryan for sparking my ire over this. Heh. Thanks, bro!


Ben said...

Dude, i know what you mean. It was like pulling teeth to get a Lehtonen jersey AT PHILLIPS ARENA. They didn't have any in the big shop, and the guy went to look in back for me, and said he could only find one and it was an XXXL. I ended having to get mine done at the customization shop.

What kind of bullshit is that though? Our star goalie which is currently saving our asses night after night doesn't even have his own jersey at his home arena?

Maal said...

THE MAN IS KEEPING HIM DOWN! or.... US DOWN! Or um. you know, something like that. But that's fine. We can keep Kari a secret from the rest of the world. He is like our secret weapon, muhahaha. I should would like a Kari shirt though...

Maal said...

*** sure would.

Spelling is hard.