05 February 2008

Game Day Preview

From the AP wire:

The Flyers will be looking for their eighth straight victory over the Thrashers when the teams meet on Tuesday night.

Philadelphia (29-17-5) has not lost to Atlanta since a 6-5 overtime loss at home on Nov. 18, 2005. The Flyers have not lost in regulation to the Thrashers since a 4-1 defeat in Atlanta on Dec. 21, 2003, going 11-0-1 since then.

Since the Thrashers (26-25-4) entered the league in 1999, the Flyers are 23-3-1 with three ties against them, including a 12-2-1 mark at Philips Arena. Philadelphia has won the first two meetings this season by a combined score of 8-1.

..... OK. So... wow. That's painful. 23-3-1 huh... 11-0-1 since 2003. I see. Well. I don't want to be overly optimistic, but uh, I can see us winning tonight. I just have one of those feelings. KL's got the hot hand, the boys are stepping it up without Kovy, and the d-men (excepting Klee and Tobi, who've always been on it) are playing D. Sort of. OK mostly it's Kari in a shooting gallery, who'm I kidding. If Lehts is still hot, look for the W. I'll need to see a couple of his saves to determine if he's still on his game though. What the hell, Thrash by 1.

EDIT, from Ben:

Kari Lehtonen is indeed starting tonight and will go toe-to-toe with Antero Nittymaki. Kari didn't know he was facing him until Craig Custance asked him about it in the locker room. Kari's eyes lit up when he heard the news.

"He's playing tonight?" Kari asked with a grin from ear to ear. Kari normally doesn't talk much on game days but he was happy to talk about Nitty (as they call him in Philly). The two are friends and rivals, but so far Nittymaki has won every game in North America (both in the NHL and the AHL where the two faced off for the Wolves and Phantoms). Kari has beaten him though. It was in Finland in the Junior A finals in 2000 when Nittymaki was recalled from the senior team. Kari was 15 at the time, so it's been a while.

Dear JL, I love you baby! Don't hate me! I calls it like I sees it!


Mortimer Peacock said...

I second that. I predict an overtime, a shootout, and a Thrashers victory (a triumph of hope over experience maybe, but what the hell?).

Maal said...

We're so optimistic. As long as it isn't Buffalo (1/18, not 2/1) or NYR (1/22) revisited, I think I'll be OK with the outcome.

Anonymous said...

Maal I think they are giving the net to Moose tonight. They are wanting him rested up for Thursdays game against the Canuks.

I am staying optimistic about tonight.

Maal said...

I'ma go on a shooting spree or something here soon. This team makes no damned sense half the time. YOU GO WITH THE HOT GLOVE. MOOSE WILL BE FINE! ARGH!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Update: Lehtonen gets the official nod tonight!!!!!

Kovalchuk set to start back tonight as well.


Spoonguy said...

Looking forward to the game tonight.

I like the blog. Good luck the rest of the season.

Maal said...

Thanks, Spoonguy! Looks like it'll be another game I won't actually see thanks to the EPIC FAIL that is dish Network...... God I can't wait to get DirectTV.