13 February 2008

Game Day Preview

Well I for one am super 'cited for tonight's matchup! Mostly cause I will actually be able to SEE the game - providing we get power back after last night's ice storm knocked it out. I digress.

At this point, anything can really happen in this game. We can analyze stats, numbers, W/L records, SOGs, saves, historical results between the two teams, but really at this point what I think it is going to come down to is; how good is Kari going to be? How good are our snipers going to be? If Kari can keep Alex & Co. out of the net, and our boys do their thing (Kovy, Hoss, I'm looking at you, but Tobi, Rex, Todd, Perrsy, don't think I'm not glancing your way as well!), we can easily beat this team. When you get down to it, they have three, maybe 5 great players, and a bunch of mediocre players - the 2 Sashas, Mike Green, Olie, and Gordon. However, an unknown is getting tossed into the mix. Finn Sami Lepisto has been called into action for tonight's game. Surprisingly, I know nothing about this guy. We have some mutual friends, but I can't speak much of his hockey - I just know he's a defenceman. Maybe I'll spend some time looking up his stats.

Anyway, point of the matter is, we're in a dire need of the 2 points from the proverbial 4 point game. If the Caps win, they're 3 points ahead of us, and able to start building a buffer. Can Not Happen. Welcome to the stretch drive, dear readers, where every game is a seeming must-win.

Based on the team's play of late, as well as Kari's oft-recounted spectacular numbers since the all-star game (I won't rehash them here, I'm sure you find them, uh, everywhere?), if the boys bring their A game, there ain't a single reason in the world we can't repeat the game on the 2nd. Thrash by 1.

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