13 February 2008

We win!

I actually got to SEE this one! Yay! And I had the questionable privilege of hearing Kari drop the F bomb after Sasha O's goal. But that's okay, because you can bet I was dropping it too. Repeatedly.

So what sucks about this game is that the Caps walked away from it with a point - which ties us with them and Carolina for first. However Washington, with a game in hand, slides into 1st. Carolina has less goals against, so they take 2nd, and we're still stuck at a lowly 3rd. Florida lost again so they're still in 4th, and well, Tampa's holding down the basement as usual. We'll get back to 1st though. I hope. I BELIEVE IN BLUELAND!


Ryan said...

In case you were wondering...


Maal said...

Wannnnnnnt! I'm super pissed they don't have the hoodies or cool leprechaun shirts for the Thrash, but I like the Sabres and B's enough that I'm considering getting one of theirs.... I just don't wear hats. Although when I do they're trucker caps, god does the NHL know me well!