21 February 2008

Game Day Preview

Why we can win:
- The Canes lost their last game to the B's in the shootout, after mounting an incredible last-minute comeback.
- We have beaten them 4 out of the last 5 visits to RBC.
- Half their team is sick with the deathflu going around.
- When our team actually shows up to play, we're pretty damned good.
- 4 days off to rest and reflect
- Brind'amour is gone for the season, most likely.

Why we might lose:
- The Canes mounted an incredible last minute comeback against the B's in their last game, overcoming a 2 goal deficit in :36.
- That awesome 39 shot discrepancy.
- 10 SOG in 1 game.
- 4 days off to rest and reflect.
- Will-he-or-won't-he distraction of Hossa.

Why we'll probably win:
- Kari Lehtonen

I've said it for a while, and now other media is saying the same thing. If this team makes the post season, it will be on the back and the strength of the beloved Finn netminder. He's stepped his game up. Maybe the team will consider stepping theirs up for him.

During the 4 day break (TOO LONG!!), Carolina, Washington and Florida all hooked us up by losing every game they played. Granted, Carolina and Washington both lost once in OT, giving them a precious point and locking in non-shared standings. Let's hope Kari has put the fear of God (or MadKari) into the team, and they bring their A game. 2 points would be so nice, especially in the proverbial 4 point game.

I'll go out on a limb and say Thrash by 2.


Rawhide said...

Moose is starting tonight...(just messin' with ya) :o)

Maal said...

Why you gotta be like that?? :D