21 February 2008

Can we have Jason Smith and Anton Volchenkov? Please?


Live blogging. I'll share with you some quotes I love from the broadcast:

"It's been a goaltending clinic."
"The goaltender is keeping them in it."
"The Thrashers do get out of [this period] 0-0, thanks to their goaltender."
"Kari Lehtonen putting on a big show in the first period of this game."
"Welcome to the Kari Lehtonen show. You can't play any better than he did in that period. He should sue for [lack of] support. Only Lehtonen kept this a game for your Atlanta Thrashers."
"This looks like a team waiting for the other shoe to drop."
"Kari in front of the net, outstanding. Kari behind the net? Just standing."
"Kovy's dancing in the 2nd period like we haven't seen in some time."

1st Period:
OK you know what? The completely uneducated Canes fans serenading Kari with the "you suck" really need to learn a new name on our roster. If there's anyone on this team who does not, in fact, suck, it is Lehtonen. With a minute left in the 1st, Kari's got his helmet off, and already looks ready to murder one, or all, of his teammates.
SOG: Carolina - 22 (+5 blocked) | Atlanta - 5 (+2 blocked)
Hockey cliche to sum up the period: We were not as good as we should be.

2nd Period:
The best save of the game so far by Cam Ward was on a great play started by Jimmy Slater. I blinked and they scored. That one's all on Kari though, what the hell, Hasek?? Get your ass in that crease. Ohhh how nice, Perrsy put the puck in the net. Way to be, Frenchie! That was the most anticlimactic goal I've ever seen. Did Eric even touch that? 1-1. I think he broke a nail on that one. Jesus Christ I can't type a complete thought without someone scoring in this period. How the hell did that even go in? I've seen the replay 3 times and still can't figure it out. 2-1. Awesome, we just totally negated the power play. TIME FOR FIRE WAGON HOCKEY BOYS! (you see how I did that there?) Wow, Holik's got some moves. Um. Havlid? Can you not fall into Lehts? The last damned thing we need is our own players interfering on Kari. Well we survived the 4-on-4 and the abbreviated PK. Thank god for small favours. BEAUTY of a one-time snapper from Dupuis from the top of the crease. Shame Cammy-bear had his eye on it all the way. SOMEONE PLEASE HIT WARD! Am I the only one who thinks that when the goalie leaves the crease, they should be open to being hit? OH MY GOD, did Larsen deflect that goal into his own net? Ooooh, looks like Samsonov kicked it.... cross your fingers kids. Of course, the rules have changed now, so it will probably be a goal. I have to say that from our view, the top half of his blade left the ice, which makes it no-goal. Alas..... we got hosed. 3-1. Aww Tobi, thanks for trying, buddy. Keep trying though! At least someone's taking shots. Not that that one will count, but hey, whatever. WTF is Hossa doing? Does he think Ward is going to just let him walk it in? You can't stand in a goalie's crease with the puck and think you're gonna score. Unless you're Brett Hull. God, finally, Rex puts it in on the PP. I thought the shot off the cross bar went in to be honest, but putting it in off the deflection is cool too, we'll take it. 3-2. Dupuis got the Delivery of the Game with a stick hand-off from Thorburn on the bench and if he had scored on that, it might have been the most beautiful play I've seen all season. Can the Canes stop icing the puck? This is totally breaking up the flow, but with only :30 to go in the period, not much flow left to be had.
SOG: Carolina - 14 (+10 blocked) | Atlanta - 15 (0 blocked)
Hockey cliche to sum up the period: Things are turning around for us now.

3rd period
All right, short handed to start it, and then shorthanded almost as soon as the PK's over. Super. On the plus side, the boys only allowed 3 shots on the PK so far. That's a Thrashers-esque shot total (oh yeah, I went there)! Good kill, boys. What the fuck! Up high on Kari's shoulder and he didn't... stop it. I don't know what to say. He should've had it, knuckleballer or not. 4-2. Lotta back and forth this period. Not nearly the energy..... um. Kari's taken up breakdancing apparently, but someone should tell him the moves don't translate to stopping pucks. 5-2. I hate how I get that feeling that once we're down by 2, the team kind of just gives up. And I hate even more that Kari's a fraction of a second behind right now, and it's showing. The weight of carrying the team is clearly weighing on him. I am torn on whether to say to start Moose next game and give Kari a rest, or keep playing him. Being that it's Kari, I want to say keep playing him, because he doesn't handle sitting well. Here's a telling stat. The Canes lead the NHL with 77 3rd period goals. We're screwed! OK while I admire the hope that the Thrash will come back from this, and I am sure I'm not alone in saying this, at this point the team is playing like they're just hoping to keep it a close loss. Because that counts for.... well, nothing. Damn, Slats made the most beautiful spin-o-rama no-look backhand pass across the zone, through three Canes, right to Dupuis' tape, and the guys were so busy talking about the possibility of Hoss going to Montreal that I don't think they even saw it. The Thrashers have allowed 168 shots in the past 4 games. Unacceptable. I am completely underwhelmed by our utter lack of defence. 20 games til the end of the season and this is the shit we're icing? OK Kari is more than a fraction of a second off his timing, and we're just standing around passively, letting the Canes storm into the zone and move the puck wherever they want to be. We can not be a reactionary team, we have to be more aggressive, or we haven't a chance in hell of holding onto our division title. At this point, even saying that feels like a joke. Dump and chase ain't gonna cut it. I don't want to write about this game anymore. Oh Whitey, why do you give me hope? Can they do it? Can they put up 2 more with 1:23 to go?! 5-3. Thank god Tobi has that long stick or we could be looking at 6-3. Not that it matters. Lose by 1, may as well lose by 100.
SOG: Carolina - 10 (0 blocked) | Atlanta - 7 (+4 blocked)
Hockey cliche to sum up the period: We only had a few bright spots tonight.

SOG Total: Carolina - 46 | Atlanta - 28

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