28 February 2008

Interviews - Armstrong, Christensen, Lehtonen

SportSouth's interviews with Colby Armstrong, Erik Christensen and Kari Lehtonen, before, during and after the game v. NYI on 2.28.08. Colby's intermission video'll be up Friday AM. It's still processing. Whatever that means.

Army describing his game for Thrasher fans not familiar with him.

Crusher describing his game.

Army's post-game interview.

Lehtonen post-game. This is NOT a happy goalie, people. Not by a long shot.


Suzanne B said...

I liked Colby's "Hockey is hockey where ever you are" or something like that. So true.

Did you see the article in the AJC? Apparently Recchi gave them the keys to his truck and told them to go explore.. so they ended up at Phipps and Colby called the girlfriend to tell her shopping is way better in Atlanta ;)

Maal said...

Hahahah I loves him like whoah. He is so v. funny. I am not going to judge either of them in any way for last night's game since THEY DID NOT ACTUALLY GET TO PRACTICE WITH THE TEAM. But if Crusher has another defencive giveaway like the one in OT, the love affair is over.

I wonder where his GF is. I've gotten some hits from Sask that make me wonder if it's his family...

Suzanne B said...

The article said his GF is still in Pittsburgh. Aw, and he has two dogs that are still in Pitt too and he doesn't know when he'll get to see them.

Yeah, I feel like some of those line changes that didn't go so smoothly might be because they aren't used to playing together. Hopefully after today's practice we won't struggle with that.