29 February 2008

Army's intermission interview; Photos; Sucks to be a goalie in DC

Army's intermission interview by SportSouth during his first game as a Thrasher.

The photos are all from Presswire. Thus, small.

Perrsy gets tripped on a clear breakaway...
... and then he makes them pay.

Blocker save.

Dipi demonstrates good post hugging, with only minor 5- and 7-hole openings.

If only it'd stopped there...

Little turns the back of the cage while Dipi plays the post tight and deep.
I'm pretty sure this was a goal, too.

Captain Clutch riding hard on some guy from the Island.


..... Aaaand, game over.

Those are great, but strictly for the amusement factor, this one's full of win!

Saturday's game in Boston is at 1:00PM EST.

It must suck being a goalie in DC right now. If you're too lazy to click that, let me give you the high(low?)lights:

For the past decade, in good and bad times, there's been one constant for the Washington Capitals: Olie Kolzig, the team's unquestioned No. 1 goaltender. Kolzig's reign, however, could be ending......

All three goalies have measured their words carefully since Huet's unanticipated addition....

Johnson said he won't travel to New Jersey and isn't sure how much, if any, playing time he can expect over the season's final six weeks....

But the focus tonight at Prudential Center, and possibly for the remainder of the season and perhaps into the offseason, will be on Washington's starting goaltender. Huet and Kolzig are unrestricted free agents in July; Johnson has one year remaining on his contract.....

Kolzig said, "There's things in life and in the game of hockey that are out of your control. It's how you deal with that separates you from other people. I'm just going to continue to do my work. And like I said the other day, if it's not good enough, then there's somebody else here to do it."

Kolzig's agent, Art Breeze, said he was disappointed and confused by the Capitals' decision to bring in Huet.

"I have no idea why the Capitals chose to do what they did," Breeze said. "You will have to ask that of Capitals ownership and management. The temptation to comment further is overwhelming. I am constrained, however, from additional comments from my client's professionalism. I sincerely wish I weren't.

"Olie clearly has been, and certainly continues to be, the heart and soul of the Washington Capitals. Almost single-handedly he has carried that franchise on his broad shoulders for many years. And he has many more years playing at the highest possible level ahead of him."

Whether that will be in Washington remains to be seen.

Thanks to the generosity of Sara in the Caps' ticket office, I will be lucky enough to watch this battle of goalies Monday night when the Caps take on the Bruins. Would I go to hockey hell if I wore my PJ Stock shirt? Hmm.

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