04 February 2008

Photos from the weekend

I just want to say that there is little more gratifying than going into another team's house, wearing the opposition's jersey (while being one of approximately 9 fans wearing blue in the building, surrounded by a sea of red) and shutting them down. Especially when your team has half the SOG as the home team. Thank you, Thrashers.

I would give you better post gamers, but you've probably read plenty already. And it's kind of hard to see a game live, then write a good post-game review. Plus, Dish hates me, and recorded 3 hours of "satellite signal has been temporarily lost." Awesome. Although, how happy was I when Perrsy scored the shootout winner? Still pissed that Kari was benched for that one, but hopefully now Moose has his "retribution" (No "I" in team boys), and Kari can continue with the hot hand.

As always, photos courtesy ModSquad. Click for 1024x768 versions.

Carolina Hurricanes 55 26 25
4 56 165 177
Atlanta Thrashers 55 26 25
4 56 152 180
Washington Capitals 53 24 24
5 53 152 166
Florida Panthers 54 24 25
5 53 137 153
Tampa Bay Lightning 53 21 27
5 47 153 178

As mildly satisfying as it is to be on top of the Caps now, they're tied with the Panthers, and we're still in 2nd, since the Canes have more GF and less GA. And seriously, what is up with the schedule this month? I don't begrudge the boys days off, but 3-5 days off each week? That kind of sucks, in terms of hockey-watching. But the Canes take on the Pens Tuesday night, and hopefully the Pens'll be looking for vengance from dropping the last 2 to us. Whatever, so long as the Canes lose, and the Caps, who take on the BJs Tuesday, also drop the next one. I think we'd all like a nice point cushion sequestering Blueland from the trailers.


Big T said...

How was the crowd on Sat? The Caps tend to have so/so support. It will be interesting to see how they fill the seats now that they are winning.

Maal said...

Sold out and COMPLETELY PACKED. Only the club level was relatively empty but the entire upper bowl was FULL and the lower bowl, there was only a couple seats here and there not full. I have been to over 200 games there and NEVER seen it so full, not even in playoffs! I took some photos cause I was so stunned. I have to remember to upload them.

Maal said...

PS: forgot to say, I'm not sure if it's because they're playing well, or because it was Ovechkin's Mr Potato Head giveaway night AKA Kids' night. Free stuff always brings out the nutjobs, but yah it was a sea of red for sure.

Big T said...

Cool. Glad to hear Ovechkin is not going unnoticed.

I was there for game 4 of the Final against the Wings. As I remember it was a sea of red then as well. Too bad the Caps colors at the time were blue and white!

Maal said...

I thought it was weird that it's Gordo's picture on billboards and lampost banners and stuff right in the F St/7th area, and not Alex's.

Haha yeeeeeeeah. The old sweep.