04 February 2008

The Caps have fans - who knew? With photos!

I will add a caveat to the post title... I am not sure if it looked like this because it was Ovechkin Potato Head giveaway night / Kids Night, or because they actually do have fans now. But I have been to probably 200 games in this arena and never seen it as packed as it was Saturday night. Big T, this is for you, buddy.

Hm. You kind of can't tell, but there was not an empty seat in the upper bowl that I could see. Amazing.

Normally this is where the rest of my photos would go, but I'm hella disappointed in how grainy they turned out. It's a new camera so I don't know if I had it on the wrong setting or what, but no one needs to see rainbow grained photos. I don't even like looking at them.

Oh wait! I'll put up just one other. Here's OHMUHGUH SUPERAWESOME DEFENCEMAN Mike Green. On his butt. Creating a giveaway. I'm pretty sure this led to the Thrashers' first goal, but can't remember for sure. Although there's Whitey right there, so... way to be, Mikey.

To be fair, I heard later that the ice was shit - very watery (probably due to all the people in the arena, cause it wasn't warm here), but nonetheless.

Oh COME ON! Did you really think I would do a post of the (CRAPPY) photos I took and not put up one of Kari and his enormous five hole? I love when he's wedged in like that.


Mortimer Peacock said...

Kari is such a legend. You have some wicked photos all over your blog, I must say.

Maal said...

I love the guy. He's in a tie for my all time favourite goalie, with Roy. And thanks! I'm a photographer (ALBEIT I USUALLY TAKE BETTER PHOTOS THAN THESE), so I loooooove sharing pics w/the world!