26 February 2008

Short pregame, & deadline day thoughts

I have no idea what to say about tonight's game, which the puck just dropped on, except that I have a feeling that this game will pave the way for the duration of our season.

If the Stanley Cup Final is hockey's New Year's Eve, today was Christmas.

I spent most of the day with a line into Rawhide, and Wazzy from the Faceoff Hockey Show, thanks to both of them for putting up with me FREAKING THE HELL OUT about the Kari-going-with-Hossa rumours. Once I heard for sure Hoss went to Pitt, I stopped stressing, because if there's any position the Pens are totally covered on, it's in net. DW thank you, thank you, thank you for not trading Kari. I don't think it's possible for me to have been any more freaked out than I most of the day today.

I am completely and utterly baffled by what we did get though. Don't get me wrong, I love Colby Armstrong. He's one of my favourite players to watch, a great personality, and if you want to learn more about him, go to YouTube and watch Chasing the Dream. You haven't lived until you've seen this guy in a cheerleader's uniform. He'll bring a lot of levity to the locker room, as well as toughness to the ice.

Erik Christensen, I really don't know much about. He's another blue collar player along the lines of Perrin, who you know I love, and White, and I'm sure both'll be happy to be reunited with Thorburn and Recchi, their former teammates (what, are we PensSouth now?). Esposito is a fantastic player - at the junior level. I've seen, as I'm sure we all have, way too many players who were the top of the top not make the transition to the pros, so I will reserve any and all judgment on how he might help us in the long run.

Motzko... I got nothin. You'd think I'd have more, living in DC, but I don't. I saw him score his first NHL goal, and it didn't leave any soft of impression. I want to say he's yet another blue collar, gritty player.

Now here's what has left me going WTF. WHERE ARE THE DEFENCEMEN WE SO DESPERATELY NEEDED? Where?! I do not see them anywhere! And I still see the non-defence playing defencemen we had this morning! Someone explain this conundrum to me!

The Caps made all the right moves, although I am totally vexed as to how they intend to carry 3 goalies on their roster, which leads me to believe yet another trade is being finalized. Although, I reckon that since the Caps are playing, uh, now, that it's not bloody likely. But I'm digressing, GMGM did everything right for the Caps, brought them what they needed, and unless the Thrash put up a hell of a fight, the Caps will win the division, and undoubtedly go deep in the playoffs. Frankly, I have little doubt they'll go deep without capturing the division.

So what do we do? Can we win the division? Yes, absolutely. We have the ability. But ability does not always translate to getting it done, and not only does our defence need to step their game up by about 1000%, but Kari's going to need to hunker down, and carry the team on his back. Which means no more crappy goals. No more slow reflexes. No more off-timing. No more bad turnovers. Now is the time for greatness. And greatness does not begin with leaving your five-hole gaping because you're out of position after a flurry.

I think right now is the appropriate time for my favourite redneck expression: If you can't run with the big dogs, then stay on the porch.

Get it done, boys.

But on the other hand, at least we're not the Sabres and didn't get totally fucked by Darcy Reiger....

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DS said...

Erik "Crusher" Christensen = $$$$$ in the shootout, for whatever that's worth. He's really stepped up his game this year, been on the 2nd PP (scored our only goal in the last Pens game, ironically enough, after being gone five w/a shoulder injury - and then again in the S/O, of course) but he probably needs to play center (and he's not exactly a grinder) and we're just too deep there.

Colby will be very much missed by many, but I have to say that the news picture of him on the Thrasher website + being on the same page as the Thrashers logo = XD...Well, at least he looks like he'll fit right in!!

Please take good care of them both; they'll be missed here.

Someone wondered if you guys will have a Rex-Crusher-Army "Pittsburgh" line now. ;) (Oh - and Kwiatkowski was with us post-deadline last year, and of course MOOOOOOOOOSE owes us big time - so yes, you can be happy being Pgh South. ;)

Enjoy Espo and the 1st rounder. (But our blue uniforms are still better than yours!)

[Oh - and don't tell Sabres fans in Buffalo like Top Shelf and the Willful Caboose that they "got totally fucked by Darcy Regier" - I think they're actually quite glad to see the back of Soupy Campbell and his ridiculous, defensively suspect, cap-killing new contract demands. *whistle*]