27 February 2008

Last night's photos

Carolina now leads us by nine (9) points. Kari can not be expected to be the only defenceman on this team. The constant and consistent defencive breakdowns in the third were enough to make me think that he is expected to be the only d-man. I am thoroughly disgusted. Army and Crusher (that is Christensen. That is his nickname. Do not give him a new nickname.) will be getting in to Duluth at around 2 today. Do you think they're thrilled to be part of this revolutionary no-D team? Yeah me either.

Lotta photos from last night. Normally I am biased media and don't post photos of the other team doing great things, but there were not a lot of options and perhaps the visual reminder will serve up the proverbial thousand words. Well eight thousand words. Thanks to ModSquad and Getty. No idea why there are no photos of Ilya's goal - if there were, I would post them.

Hey look! A Thrasher did right!

Lehts makes a stick save.

Way too much of this.

The Kostitsyn brothers pinch Perrin.

And the Wonder Twins pinch Higgins as he splits the D.


Well there's a save. Good 5-hole coverage by KL.

This probably led to a goal.


rawhide said...

defencemen or defenSemen??? :o)

Maal said...

DEFENCE! Must I point you to TSN for validation?

You are so not right, you know? :-D