05 March 2008

Just kill me now

3 - 6

I'm not even going to blog the action. I'm absolutely disgusted. If you're there, you're disgusted too. Instead, I'll just type out the gems that sage analyst Tripp Tracy is gracing us with during the broadcast which lead me to nominate him for this week's Captain Obvious:

- "The Thrashers aren't even in this as a team, at all."
- "Lehtonen is seeing way too many shots, there is just no way he can stop everything, and there's certainly nothing [Lehtonen] could have done to stop any of [the goals]."
- "You certainly can not hang this one on Kari Lehtonen. He's been the proverbial 'left out to dry.'"

I CAN'T BELIEVE I DECIDED TO WATCH THIS INSTEAD OF BUFFALO/WASHINGTON. It's as bad as being addicted to, like, heroin! I would guess. You know it's awful, you know it's going to kill you, but YOU DON'T CARE because there's the chance of that 15 second high! Oh. Huh. DW pulled Kari. Well, fuck this. I'm watching Buffalo.
Good job, Thrashers. You broke the goalie.

I flipped back (SEE? LIKE HEROIN!). In time to see Jo cover the puck, the play NOT get whistled dead, and then the Canes bounce it off Ex, then off Johan's helmet, and then it rolled down his back, and I had horrible flashbacks to Tommi Salo (Moose's countryman, mind) in the Olympics. Not even fate wants this team to win.

Whoah. Kovy came out of nowhere to score. I thought everyone in the building, excluding the Canes, fell asleep! Will they come back to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory??

Hey Thrashers? You know how hard you played the last 3 minutes of the game? Think you can try doing that for an entire game? You'd win if you did.

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Hudson A said...

thanks for a great headline
it produced a much needed laugh