07 March 2008

Same shit, different day

The team sucks.

The season ticket holders are rioting (or will be, come the town meeting in an hour and a half).

Not even the AJC copy editor can do their job without errors: Only Los Angeles has given up more goals than the Thrashers. But goalie Kari Lehtonen is solely to blame. The blueline has consistently been outmanned all season. The Thrashers have not outshot an opponent since Jan. 20. And at least one Thrashers defenseman ranks among the worst in the league. I believe the word NOT is glaringly omitted.

But my damned satellite is out until Tuesday unless I can be super magic and fix it, so probably I shouldn't care, and instead should take this time and value my frustration-free life away from loving a team that appears to be tanking the season in hopes of adding Stamkos to their roster come June.


DS said...

well, Maal, just in case you are in for a little more masochism, Yahoo *is* streaming the game tonight...

Maal said...

Darlin, I dunno how much of a freak you think I am, but I AM ON DIAL UP!!! :) I might LISTEN to the game though... because there ain't no kick in the tit like not even being able to see a good ol' fashioned ass whooping.

DS said...

Hey, dial-up, I remember that! :D

Hey, I ONLY 'listen' to 85% of the games 'cause not having a TV and using a Mac'll do that to you. ;) (I'm not even watching tonight.)

But our radio guy is legendary (and HOF) so there are compensations.

Now you want to tell me how it's possible to score two goals 1 SECOND APART?? (or is nhl.com bullshite-ing me here...)

DS said...

....did you listen to the end of the game? :D :D

Maal said...

I might have immaturely realised Hedberg got the start and shut it off. But I saw Crush won it for us in the S/O. Go Crush!