22 March 2008

Broken goalie

Jimmy scoring not once, but twice, getting the GTG and the GAG. First time in his career he scored two. Also first career shortie.
Perrin becoming the league leader in shorthanded assists. He assisted on both of Jimmy's goals.
Kari Lehtonen's play for the whole game (41 saves).
The Thrashers' play for the first 40 minutes.
The Kari Lehtonen feature in the 1st intermission (video soon)!
Regrettably against Kari, seeing Ovechkin's 60th goal.
Ovechkin holding Kovalchuk back from kicking Cooke's (?I think?) ass, probably murmuring in quiet Russian, "Is not worth it, do not injure yourself, you must be healthy for World Cup. We will win gold, let this go."

Low, low, low lights
It took them unti 6 games remaining to remember how to play more than 20.
The last 20 minutes from everyone in blue but Kari.

3rd Period SOG Chart. Un-fucking-acceptable.

Kari losing his shit on the ice after the 4th goal.
Kari cussing on live TV and not taking any pride in how he played (transcript below, video soon).

Fucking Caps.

KL: I think we did well, first thirty minutes. And we played very well after that, I think it was just kind of horseshit. And uh, we should just uh, when we get a nice lead, we should just keep playing the same way.... I don't know what, uh... what, uh, changed so much going in the third, you know? I think we got our first shot when there was ... one minute left in the period or something like that. It's just embarassing.

Reporter: You looked a bit frustrated after Backstrom's 2nd goal. What's going through your mind then? You throw downn your stick, obviously it's frustration time?

KL: Yeah, you know.... I've seen that too many times this year, when ... when uh, you know, I've had the opportunity to you know, enjoy it... to get a win, and uh, just, you know, ... just to .... just take it away like that, just.. it's frustrating.

Reporter: Was this a special game with Washington, a team you seemed to have developed a rivalry with?

KL: No, I don't think it matters, you know? ... You know, of course we knew they were going to come hard, cause they have to win and uh... and uh... it just uh, just uh... weird to see how great we can be, and how terrible we can be in the same game.

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nebcanuck said...

Hard, cold facts for a goalie who has never lived up to his potential, on a team that has never lived up to its potential.

Lehtonen may well be the next Luongo. When the Thrashers finally dish him -- likely for less than he's worth because of demands by him to leave -- then he'll bloom into one of the top-5 goalies in the league, because the team around him will actually play defense.

Meanwhile, until the Thrashers find a new GM, I can't see any of their top stars sticking around for that long. I think Hossa's setting the trend, since it would seem that the Thrashers are bound to go by the wayside year after year, with little focus of vision by the management.

All this, a year after things seemed to be clicking ever so slightly before the Rangers' sweep. Pretty dramatic. Must not be too fun to be a fan.