22 March 2008

Kari's eventful night

Now look - I'm sure this comes as no surprise, but I totally support Kari's outburst(s) last night. And I can understand the cussing by accident - I do it all the time! (I'm sure you 're shocked.) How long have I been saying they are going to break him if they keep it up? This is not a situation where I want to be all, I told you so but seriously. You can only treat someone like shit for so long before they fight back. I think what Darren Eliot said was kind of... crap. If Kari's not to be demonstrative, and toe the company line, and keep being rah rah team, what would be the true catalyst for a change? No, really. What?

The quality is pure shit. I'm sorry. :( If the Thrashers actually used that nifty "Thrashers TV" feature on their website, you could see these in awesome ready-for-HD quality. Alas... (I will add a caveat that they might be there. But I highly doubt it. They weren't last night, and that section of the site is never updated).

Featurette by SportSouth, from 1st period intermission:
(thanks to HockeyWebCast for this one!)

Taking it out on his equipment:

Post game interview:


nebcanuck said...

You can really see how defeated Leht is with the whole situation in the interview. Poor guy seems to really put his heart in it at least -- something I admit I myself have doubted, judging by his streaky play.

But, as I said in my other comment, it would seem that Leht is doomed mostly because of a streaky team, not his own lack of zeal.

Mortimer Peacock said...

If I were Kari I would've gone batshit long ago.

Maal said...

neb I know. He's just... idk, like about to give up. And it is the team that's causing his streaks. I mean how do you face 23 shots in 1 period, most from point-blank, and NOT suffer. The fact that his sv% is still around .912 is amazing.

Mortimer join the club. How he hasn't beaten the crap out of them yet amazes me. He must be very calm most of the time.