01 March 2008

Kari wore his Transformers mask today, is pouting; also, we got a point

La la la, we played the Bruins and got a point. I'm disgusted by how much the team stepped it up and played better in front of Moose, but consistently leave Kari hanging out to dry. If this keeps up, do not be surprised to see him shopping other teams during the off season. And to add insult to injury...

The Hockey News recently ranked the Top 30 goalies in the NHL, and Thrashers goalie Kari Lehtonen was last — No. 30. Lehtonen took the news in stride.

"That is their opinion, but for sure it has been a tough year," he said. "It is hard times right now, sometimes it seems like that no matter what you do, it does not go well."
My girl Theresa from Every Shift acted as Official Fire Wagon Photographer today. I gave her an awesome press pass* and everything! You, too, can be a FWH Photographer if you want, just drop me a comment. But the point is, KARI IS WEARING THE TRANSFORMERS MASK! Also of note, he's now wearing a throat guard.

Kari was mostly standing in a corner watching Moose (and pouting, as evidenced by the below photographs) for the 10 minutes he participated in the warm up for, then pouted his way off the ice, after talking to Marc Savard for three of those ten minutes. I'm not the least bit shocked to hear about his little pouty fit today, nor that he pretty much just stood in the net and let them score in him during warm-ups. Goalies are petulant, and fragile, and our goalie is pretty close to having his confidence irreparably broken. Way to ruin one of the best goalies in the world, Thrashers. Downgrade.

But hey, check out the awesome mask! Seems I was right when I said he'd keep his old skull cap. Hopefully he'll get the start tomorrow and we can see more of it, because holy shit is it cool. Although judging by the team's reaction to Moose starting, I would not be surprised to see him get the start again tomorrow. Hopefully we can see Optimus Prime in all its glory very soon. Here's a couple pics for you, and you can find Theresa's entire set here (305 photos).

Pouty goalie. FROWN!

Pouty Kari hate you all so bad. But the mask is cool!

Kari, Slats, and Optimus Prime.

Mask front view. And a most unhappy goalie.

And one for you Army fans:

* not really. This is sarcasm.


Theresa Hofacre said...

Hooray, I get shoutouts!

Maal said...

Of course! No royalties though, sob. Thank you for SADDEST PHOTOS EVER of K.

Jenni said...

What kind of credentials do you need to gett a press pass in the NHL? Just curious... I'm an amateur photographer, heading to a Thrashers game on Friday night.

Maal said...

jenni: You'd have to either apply to the front office of the team you want the press pass for, or to the NHL in general, if you do not have one through one of the wire services. And you would have to prove you are a legitimate journalist with what is considered a legitimate news source. I was kidding, for what it's worth, about giving her a press pass. She just took a lot of photos for me. Hell, anyone can be an official FWH photographer. I've said before and will say again, I never want to be an accredited member of the press for the Thrashers or any other team. Too much politicking involved and I'm uninterested in that type of responsibility and liability.

Jenni said...

I can totally understand the politicking... ick. My sports photography interest started with another sport altogether and I got out when people started wanting things and certain shots... now, I just take pictures for fun, mostly. And I rarely take pictures for my real job. But hockey is fun to shoot. I'm still learning though, but getting better all the time! I took a few pictures of your goalie last month, nothing spectacular though. If I get anything good at the game on Friday, I'll send a link this way.

Maal said...

Oh awesome! I would love to see them! I love hockey photography. I'm not in much of a position to really go nuts with it right now (crappy camera, too far from hockey to make it a regular thing), but I have spent many years taking photos of games. It's fun to see how your pics change over the years.

Jenni said...

Here's a link to my hockey pics... some are better than others... I've only been to one Thrashers game... it's in there somewhere.


Maal said...

Oooh, oddly enough, I had already seen those! I check flickr pretty much every day for photos of the team, and Kari. Great photos though, I love the first one of Kari, in profile. There's a bunch of great ones in there - you do good work!