14 April 2008

Lehtonen hasn't quite refused World's... yet.

I will be the very first to admit that not only does my Finnish SUCK, but that I don't really have much Finnish to even call my own. So that said, I was "reading" an article about Kari in Ilta Sanomat, and with the help of a couple people, I discovered that maybe my Finnish isn't as awful as I thought. At least, reading it.

The article says that things are looking bleak for Suomi in net, with Toskala hurt, and Lehtonen not quite saying no yet, but carefully stating his hesitation to play because he doesn't want to risk injury before he signs a new contract. But then he indicated he does want to play, that it's an honor to put on his country's sweater and represent Suomi. So... we'll see.

Article here.

It's pretty interesting for him to say, considering how blunt he's been lately. Almost makes you wonder if he's fishing for word to get around that he wants a contract done before 7/1. By, say, 5/2. Well, Kari, you're in luck. I will totally step up to the plate and spread it around.

DW and other interested GMs; Lehtonen wants a deal and he wants it in the next 16 days. Make that happen.

17 days til World's.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm from Finland :)

Kari is very interested to play in team Finland, but he will not do that cause of his contract situation (injury factor).

I'm very sad about that, but I understand. Niittymäki injured in Latvia 2006 and it didn't do good for his negotiation with Flyers.

Maal said...

Thaaaaaaaaaaaaank you, Finnish anonymous! I hope he gets a contract done, and gets to play!

Mortimer Peacock said...

If Kari can't do it, this man will: http://www.alexstubb.com/en/index.php?trg=imagebank

Maal said...

MP were you scouring the interwebs for that?? What the hell IS that anyway?

Mortimer Peacock said...

Just something I happened across while reading the news from Finland. He looks like such a happy guy.

Anonymous said...

hah...that's our new Secretary of State, Alexander Stubb !! Old one got fired cause of textmessage scandal....he said about 200 messages to this "exotic dancer" :D it was quite hilarious :)

By the way...I love Fire Wagon Hockey! I read it all the time, cause I'm big fan of Kari. He is such a sweetheart...I met him last February in Atlanta :)

Maal said...

Oh, awesome Anonymous #2! Now I have four faithful readers, woooo!! :-D

Also, you guys have a way cute SoS!

Nemesis73 said...

ok...now I'm not anonymous anymore...I post those two messages before :)

Nice to meet you all, I'm Nemesis from Finland :)

Big Shooter said...

Alex Stubb is now a legend in my office. Everyone has seen his website. Something tells me there will be a text message scandal in his future as well!

Plain and simple the best thing I have ever seen in my entire life.

Maal said...

Yay Nemesis, you've a name! Rock on!

BS, is that only valid once you get his phone # and start texting him??

Big Shooter said...

BS... Short for Big Shooter. I just realized that. Nothing could be more fitting for me!!!!!

Not gonna text Alex. He scares me quite a lot actually!

Maal said...

Hee! Well done me, then.

No? Awww c'mon. Don't be a pussy! Is his # on his page??