13 April 2008

Savvy with two firsts

♦ ♦

1st playoff goal is the OT GWG. 1st star of the game. All with a broken bone in his back.

Bruins, the Bruins what?


Mortimer Peacock said...

Ah, Savvy. It made me so happy to see him win the game.

Maal said...

I'm quite pleased to report I'm wearing my Savvy 91 B's t-shirt to work today, quite proudly. GO BRUINS!

Big Shooter said...

Gotta love Savard. Why people boo him when he comes back to Atlanta, I have no idea.

Wait a minute, its because most people are complete idiots.

Maal said...

In my world, they're really booing Waddell for trading him. :)