02 July 2008

Free Agency: You're doing it wrong

Well... now that all but one of the great top-tier defencemen are gone, uh... Hey how 'bout Good Soupy and his millions upon millions of dollars, huh! HUH! WOW! Did anyone else watch the Free Agency Frenzy on TSN? How ridiculous was that dude? I though Pierre MacGuire was going to pop a blood vessel over Jeff Finger and Mike Commodore's salaries. Not that I blame the guy. But he's one of my favourites, I'd be super bummed if he had an aneurysm on air.

So let's review. Not only did we NOT sign any awesome defencemen yesterday, but we also let our Captain go. So I'm willing to be cold hard (American, so kind of worthless) cash that Kovy will be our Captain next season.

Please note: Jason Smith, still UFA. This is me, squirming in anticipation akin to a 6 year old on Christmas Eve.

Also? It would be really nice if I get an alert today informing me Kari signed a contract. Anyone else eyeing the contracts Huet and Theodore got and thinking, Daaaaaaaaaamn, Kärppä's gonna make out! Oh good, not just me.

Here's TSN's list of available FAs. I'm too bummed out to go through it right now. Someone at least tell me Bogo will be here for 08-09??


Suzanne B said...

Don Waddell is so full of shit. "Zhitnik will play a vital role in our future" - bought out.
"We have NOT hired John Anderson as our new coach." - hired John Anderson.
"We will be active in the FA market." - hasn't signed SHIT

I heard we offered Soupy more than Chicago and he turned us down. I'm kind of glad he did, that's a whole lot of cap space for one player. Though, we do desperately need some D in front of Moose and Kari.


Maali said...

8 years @ 60m.

We've become the new old Caps....

Big Shooter said...

The Fourth Period is reporting we are in the running for Smith.

Between us at The Chronicle, and good old Fire Wagon Hockey, perhaps Waddell has heard the cries:

SIGN JASON SMITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maali said...

Oh godddddddd. Lehts, Moose, Perrin and Gator all on one team? Dude, all that's missing is for Robitaille to come out of retirement and JML to change affiliations and I would be in hockey HEAVEN!!!

Big Shooter said...

Oh God. The new old Caps...

Please no. No. Nooooooooooooooooooo.

nebcanuck said...

I, as a Canucks fan, have been sorely disappointed in my team's acquisitions thus far, too. The only "good news" is that the Canucks reportedly made a HUGE offer on Sundin -- which I think would do more damage than good.

But, I think this is the way a lot of teams feel on July 1st. There are those teams who have nothing going for them except for cap space, who then go on to sign whoever they can get their hands on. Then there are the teams like Detroit that never seem to make a big "splash." And yet, the Wings, not the Kings, continue to dominate.

There's a reason. Free agents are normally overpriced and overvalued. They can be a good addition to a solid squad, but unless the team has a good core already, they're really better off to sit and build on the draft rather than blowing their money. But then, the fans want a quick fix and a quick Cup, so I guess the GMs try to give that to them.

It really is kind of silly, though. We should be glad that our teams haven't fallen for bidding on Hossa's $11 million salary.

Maali said...

On the one hand, I totally agree with you. I'd be livid if the Soupy deal DID go through and he got that much money from us. GMs are just tossing parity out the window and it's ridiculous! No one deserves that kind of money for playing a game!!

On the other hand, it's frustrating as HELL to sit here and watch all the amazing big names get snatched up by teams that are already pretty good (Chicago, NYR) and by teams trying to buy the cup (Tampa), while our GM seemingly sits around with his thumb up his ass. I mean I know good things come to those who wait and all, and I'm PRAYING for Gator to land here, but Jesus.