17 July 2008

Import the Thrashers schedule into Outlook!

Thanks to the super awesome and amazingly talented pkwaldrop (no links to him, sorry :( ), I can now offer you the Thrashers 08-09 schedule in .xls format, which you can then download, and import into your Outlook email program, and voila! All the games are on your calendar!

Here's how:

Download the file.
Save it somewhere you can find it easily.
Open Outlook
Click the Calendar tab
Under the File menu, select "Import and Export"
Choose "Import from another program or file"
Click Next
Choose Microsoft Excel from the list
Click Next
Browse for and select the file you just downloaded
Select "Replace duplicates with items imported"
Click Next
Select "Calendar" as destination folder
Click Finish

Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! You now have all 82 Thrashers games in your email calendar! How cool is that! :D


nebcanuck said...

If I, in fact, wanted the Thrashers' schedule in my calendar -- which I sadly don't, since I'm a Canucks fan -- then that would be really fun!

Course, I question the use of Outlook, too. But then, I use Ubuntu. So of course I question the Microsoft choice! ;)

nebcanuck said...

Out of curiosity, did you catch this newspiece? I figured you would be all over it!