17 July 2008

We signed Rease

So, in another lifetime, when Jason Smith was the captain of the Oilers, and Ryan Smyth's glorious mullet still graced the ice at Rexall on a regular basis, I loved the Oilers. And then the aforementioned heart and soul of the team were shipped off, Klowe offered Penner a 1000% pay raise, destroyed parity as we knew it, and then proceeded to pretty much suck. I think. I don't know. Gator going to Philly after Smytty to Colorado was the straw that broke the camel's back. For the most part, I'm loyal to players over teams. Anyway, point of the story was, we signed Marty Reasoner, from Edmonton.

I like Rease, and he's a great defencive forward. I think part of me is just waiting to be wowed by a signing, and I'm not thusfar. Except, you know, Kari. Because c'mon now. But I've been thinking about this, and BS, I want you especially to stick with me here. What we really need is a setup man for Kovy, right? Well, hello. We have it and it's been under our noses all season. Eric Perrin. I've followed this dude for like 6 years? I dunno, a long time. And one thing he has been consistently is a great disher. If I remember, they did pretty well when they were together last season, yes? Practice that. Anderson had a good career in the A and I'm pretty sure he's well aware who Perrin is and what he is capable of. So maybe we have our solution. I would reeeeeally like to see us sign one more NHL-experienced defenceman, but other than that, I think we're good.


Marty Reasoner
Feb 26 1977
Honeoye Falls, NY
Shoots L
Selected by St. Louis Blues round 1 #14 overall 1996 NHL Entry Draft

NHL-Regular Season:

465 64 112 176259




Mortimer Peacock said...

You know, I've always wondered if Perrin might be the man for Kovy. I'm betting on Crusher being the guy, but I wouldn't be surprised if Perrin got the gig and did very well. I mean, Kovy-Perrin-Army isn't a bad line. I think.

Mortimer Peacock said...

Also: at the meeting John Anderson seemed keen on Perrin. He said he expects him to score a lot of goals next season. Which could certainly happen if he's on the (since this is Fire Wagon) Tsar's line.

Big Shooter said...

I think Perrin and Kovy would do well.

How about this:

Kovy Christensen Perrin

nebcanuck said...

Sounds like a good hope, at least. Probably won't be able to wow the fans with a first line that consists of two relative no-names (I've never heard of Perrin or Army), but that leaves room for development, and the only way to win these days is to develop over time.

The biggest fear I would have for that prospect is that no one seems to want to stay in Atlanta. It's great to develop internally if you can keep the players as they get good. But if Kovy jumps ship, and these other young guys prep themselves to do the same just as they reach the "elite" status that would bring good opportunities to Atlanta, then the team is screwed.

That's ultimately the thing the management has to figure out, before any moves will really help in the long-term!