07 July 2008


Shame it's a UFA signing to another team.

Tampa Bay Lightning sign UFA forward Mark Recchi to a one-year, $1.25 million contract.

.... K. Seeya Rex.

But that was it. Waddell didn't actually do anything. Sorry I got your hopes up there.


nebcanuck said...


Poor old Recchi, who wanted to retire a Pen, is going to be moved around the league to every playoff hopeful in existence.

And Waddell? Well, he's even more lame duck than Gillis, and that says something.

Big Shooter said...

It says here the Bolts won't make the playoffs.

Bunch of Cowboys those owners are. Things could change, but if you finish last, and your approach in the offseason is to add on to your strengths and make your weaknesses worse... well that is just not a good combination.

Bolts will be let down of the year I predict. You heard it here first, in the comment section of Fire Wagon Hockey!!!!

Suzanne B said...

So is Tampa going to play any defense this year??? WITH WHAT PLAYERS?!!!!

Waddell FTL. God I want to punch him in the face.

Maali said...

Can I also point out we totally lost out on Gator too? I fucking hate this GM.