22 August 2008

[Not Hockey] New video from The Rasmus

Tenuous connection at best in effect: I love Kari! Kari is Finnish! The Rasmus are also Finnish! I also love The Rasmus! You should too. Here's the video for their new single, Livin' in a World Without You.

Seriously. Favourite band. Love these guys. Buy the album (Black Roses) when it comes out on 26 September!


the rasmus black roses said...

A good song from the single!
for more information visit about Black Roses (In Spanish): http://www.imperu.info

Maali said...

Si, yo se :) Gracias!

Tara (icebox422002@yahoo.com) said...

I must be VERY bored to go this far back in your blog,but
A beloved Rasmus fan too!!
The Rasmus are AWESOME!!