23 September 2008

Crusher, no! Sob!

Christensen injures shoulder

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Erik Christensen injured his right shoulder in an intrasquad game on Tuesday and might have thrown a monkey wrench into the Thrashers’ search for a first-line center.

Christensen was scheduled to undergo an MRI Tuesday evening, and the result of the diagnostic test wasn’t expected to be known until Wednesday.

Christensen, 24, has been the leading candidate to center the team’s first line, with NHL All-Star Ilya Kovalchuk on the left wing and Jason Williams on the right. If he can’t play, Williams might take over at center. Other alternatives include Todd White and Bryan Little.

Christensen hit the ice hard, and the game came to an immediate halt as he skated toward the bench. He stood there for a moment, then skated off the ice, his right arm tucked tight to his body. No preliminary diagnosis was available.
Hello? Eric Perrin is no longer an option? Not an alternative when Todd White and Bryan Little are?  Says who? I sincerely hope that with all his AHL experience, Coach knows what Perrin is capable of at center. All he needs is a finisher to whom he may dish. If only we had a winger whose wheelhouse is highlight reel goals, that needs a set-up man...

Crush! Get well soon! You relax and take it easy! We need you!

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