24 September 2008

It's like I'm psychic.... or something

According to Knobler, Crusher's MRI results came back negative. For what I'm not sure since he doesn't actually say, but I'll presume he means a tear? Whatev. This was the important bit to note:

Eric Perrin centered the line with Ilya Kovalchuk and Jason Williams today (Wednesday).
Heyyyy, who saw that coming?! OH RIGHT! ME! Also apparently "about a dozen [rookies] are gone" ... although he didn't say who got the axe. When things slow down a little I'll compare the camp roster to the (hopefully, but probably not) revised roster on the site. Anyway... take note:
The six defensemen working on this sheet of ice (they’re using both rinks) are Tobias Enstrom and Ken Klee, Bogosian and Boris Valabik, and Niclas Havelid and Grant Lewis. Lewis is the interesting guy in that mix; if it’s not a random addition, it could mean coach John Anderson wants to give him a good look.

There are a couple of lines made up of guys who also might be getting a fair look to see where they fit: Joe Motzko, Rylan Kaip and Jordan LaVallee is one; Chad Painchaud, Riley Holzapfel and Spencer Machacek is the other.
What I would give to see any of these pre-season games on the TV. Is ANYONE showing preseason? Anywhere? Man I love Jordan LaVallee. We should keep him up here, along with Bogo. Just sayin.


Mortimer Peacock said...


8 o'clock. No TV coverage that I know of.

Maali said...

Yeah I'm debating listening. I'm not totally comfortable with who's on which team still though, and listening to games then is .... well it's a little rough. I'm easily confused. And distr.... ooh, shiny!