18 September 2008

Editorial FYI

I've moved over to the beta version of Blogger, and for whatever reason, this is jacking up my posts whenever I try to edit anything. So excuse any omissions or seemingly non-lineal posts. I've caught a few of the mistakes, and can't figure out why they're happening, except that when I click "edit" on the post itself, it takes me back to normal blogger and it doesn't seem to be ingesting anything done on normal blogger.

FIGHT NORMALCY! Sign up for beta :)

That is all, carry on.


Sandi said...

Mind if I join your fantasy league=)

Maali said...

Of course I don't mind, baby! But you're not getting Kari ;-)

Sandi said...

Okay but I want Kovy=)

Maali said...

Deal! Now go sign up! :D