19 September 2008

Today's the day!! First day of training camp!

OK so, maybe we, the fans, will have no part of today, either as participants or observers, but have you made your weekend plans yet for camp? You better get on that! The boys are back in town and things are gearing up. Here is the weekend's schedule:

Saturday, Sept. 20
Team A - Practice, 9-11:15a.m.
Team B - Practice, 9-11:15 a.m.

Sunday, Sept. 21
Team A - Practice, 9-11:15a.m.
Team B - Practice, 9-11:15 a.m.

I personally could not be more excited, even though I'm like 400 miles away. Listen, if I had the cash, there's 100% chance I'd drive down to Duluth this weekend to scope things out and get some early reports on training camp. Alas, fair friends, I will have to rely on your eagle eyes, your thoughtful prose, and your scathing analyses of the team.

Also, listen, I have a proposition for you. You know how, all season long, I hook you with wallpaper-quality photos from nearly each and every game? How I am your go-to for high quality images? Well I never ask for anything in return, until now, and I think it's a fairly reasonable request. In exchange for hooking you with awesome game photos all season long, do you think you could take some pictures for me at camp this weekend, and this week? Specifically of Kari, Pavs, Moose, Perrsy, Bogo, and Colby? I will not only be your best friend, but I will also give you an outstanding personal character reference should you ever require one! And! I will give you a link! Also I will talk sugar about you and how gorgeous and sexy you are. So really, it's win/win.

So in summation...
You give me: Photos!
I give you: Love, links, and as much sunshine up your ass as you can possibly stand.

Seriously, how can you lose?

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robbie dee said...

hmm, i really thought this was a given, but whatevs. besides, i think you asked me eons ago if you could use some of my pics. let's do this.