25 September 2008

Epic FAIL, also, a coo-pin!

I was browsing hockeyattire.com - they're having a sale and if you use the code ALLOFF50 at checkout, you can get an additional 50% off your order (Score! Authentic jerseys for $90!). They don't have a lot of Thrashers merchandise - act surprised - but I saw this shirt.... Now before I really go off on my tear about this... HOW is it there is not a Kari version? I would totally wear a LETNONEIN 32 t-shirt. Shit, as long as the colours and logo are right and it's got 32 on it, I'd wear a LEHTINEN shirt!

Boldly segueing back to the EPIC

This can be yours, for the low, low price of just $14.99! Less 50%!

In actually relevant Thrash news, tonight's pre-season game can be listened to live online, at 104.5 The Zone (Nashville).

1 comment:

Lisa aka HockeyWench said...

Actually they have the game blacked out for everyone outside of Nashville. :(